Kolli Hills, located in Tamil Nadu, India ????????, is renowned for its treacherous yet stunning road, known as MDR181, Kolli Hills Road, or Kollimalai Ghat Road. This road consists of numerous sharp bends, specifically 70 hairpin turns, and covers a distance of approximately 20.4 kilometers, ascending from Karavalli at an elevation of 238 meters above sea level to its culmination at 1,198 meters in Solakkadu.

The road meanders through dense forests, offering picturesque views, particularly during the monsoon season. Notably, Kolli Hills boasts the highest number of hairpin bends in India, rendering it the most perilous Ghat Road in the country.

Kolli Hills, also known as Kolli Malai, is a town and a small mountain range situated in the central region of Tamil Nadu, India. These picturesque mountains reach heights of up to 1300 meters and span across an area of around 280 square kilometers. Kolli Hills is located at a distance of 43 kilometers from Namakkal and approximately 120 kilometers from Trichy.

According to local legend, sages sought the serenity of Kolli Hills for their penance. However, malevolent demons attempted to disrupt their rituals. The sages implored Kollipavai, often referred to as Goddess Etukkai Amman, who, as the myth goes, vanquished the demons with her enchanting smile.

The name “Kolli Malai” stems from the protective presence of Goddess Etukkai Amman (Kollipavai) over the hills, making it a place of reverence and natural beauty in the region.

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