Introducing Exciting New Features and Updates on StreamYard: Enhancing Your Livestream and Webinar Experience

Introducing Exciting New Features and Updates on StreamYard Enhancing Your Livestream and Webinar Experience
July 27, 2023 0 Comments

StreamYard, the leading live streaming and webinar platform, is delighted to announce the launch of several innovative features that will revolutionize your broadcasting experience. These updates are designed to offer content creators, businesses, and individuals new ways to engage and connect with their audiences seamlessly.

Background Noise Cancellation and Touch-Up Filter: Enhancing Your Visual and Audio Quality

Are you tired of dealing with noisy backgrounds during live broadcasts? StreamYard now introduces Background Noise Cancellation and Touch-Up Filter features, enabling users to effortlessly remove background noise and apply touch-ups for a polished appearance. Simply access your studio settings to enable these cutting-edge tools.

YouTube Integration: Elevating Your Content Creation on YouTube

StreamYard enhances its YouTube integration to empower creators with more captivating content options:

  1. Guests’ YouTube Comments: While broadcasting with StreamYard, guests can now directly post comments into the live chat from our studio, enhancing real-time engagement with the audience.
  2. Publish Long-Form Videos: Users can now edit their livestream recordings into videos of up to 20 minutes in length and publish them directly to YouTube. This seamless repurposing of live streams ensures a wider reach and increased visibility.

StreamYard On-Air Webinar Updates: Empowering Your Webinar Experience

StreamYard On-Air, the platform’s popular webinar solution, receives exciting new updates:

  1. On-Air Chat Embedding: Embed your On-Air webinar directly onto your website, and the chat will be automatically embedded too. Audience interaction becomes more seamless with this enhanced integration.
  2. On-Air Chat Reactions: Viewers and studio participants can now express their reactions to chat messages using eight new emoji options, creating lively and interactive conversations.
  3. Turn Off On-Air Live Viewer Count: For those who prefer privacy, the live viewer count can now be turned off on the watch page of your StreamYard On-Air webinar. Maintain a discreet webinar experience effortlessly.
  4. On-Air Chat Downloads: Access and save valuable chat interactions with ease by downloading a CSV file of all the chat messages received during your On-Air webinar.
  5. Guest Comments: Enable guests to post comments directly into the live chat from the studio, fostering a more interactive experience for the audience.

These latest updates reinforce StreamYard’s commitment to providing a cutting-edge platform that meets the evolving needs of content creators and businesses. To explore the full list of enhancements and start leveraging these exciting features, visit StreamYard today!

About StreamYard:

StreamYard is a leading live streaming and webinar platform that empowers content creators and businesses to engage with their audiences effortlessly. With an array of innovative features and user-friendly tools, StreamYard continues to revolutionize the livestreaming landscape.

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