Non-in-stream ads may now be placed in sticky implementations Dear AdSense Publisher, On 7 November 2023, Google will update the Video publisher policy to allow non-in-stream ads to be placed in sticky implementations (i.e., non-in-stream ads that remain in a fixed location on the screen). Sincerely, The Google AdSense Team Need help?

This message from the Google AdSense Team is informing AdSense publishers about an upcoming change to their Video publisher policy that will take effect on November 7, 2023.

The key change is that “non-in-stream ads” will now be allowed to be displayed in “sticky implementations.” Here’s what these terms mean:

  1. Non-in-stream ads: These are advertisements that are not part of the main video content. In contrast to in-stream ads, which play within or before/after a video, non-in-stream ads are displayed alongside or over the video content, but they do not interrupt or appear within the video itself. Examples of non-in-stream ads include banner ads, overlay ads, or display ads that may appear while the video is playing.
  2. Sticky implementations: This refers to ads that remain fixed or anchored in a specific location on the viewer’s screen, even as they scroll or interact with the content. Sticky ads are typically positioned in a way that ensures they are always visible on the screen while the user interacts with the website or app. They don’t move or disappear as the user scrolls.

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So, the message is saying that, starting on November 7, 2023, Google will allow non-in-stream ads to be displayed in this “sticky” manner. This means that publishers can place non-in-stream ads in a fixed location on the screen, ensuring they are visible and don’t scroll away as users interact with the content. This change may offer new advertising opportunities and visibility for AdSense publishers.

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding this policy change, you can contact the Google AdSense Team for help.


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