Nestled in the heart of Fiji, COMO Laucala Island stands as an extraordinary natural paradise, renowned as one of the world’s largest private island resorts, boasting a mere 25 exclusive villas. This unique resort even boasts its private airstrip, accommodating private planes, and can seamlessly arrange connecting flights via resort-owned planes from the nearest airport. Located in the scenic Cakaudrove region of Vanua Levu, Fiji Island, this tropical haven is surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Melanesian Sea and lush green landscapes, offering a myriad of remarkable activities all within the confines of one stunning island.

Unparalleled Amenities:

COMO Laucala Island provides a plethora of amenities for its discerning guests, ensuring a luxurious and memorable stay. These include:

  • Spa facilities for ultimate relaxation
  • Access to pristine beaches
  • Pools, including an outdoor pool
  • Wellness offerings with a well-equipped fitness center and spa
  • Stylishly appointed rooms and fully-equipped kitchens
  • An array of dining options with an on-site restaurant, bar, and room service
  • Convenient services such as a 24-hour front desk and full-service laundry
  • Ample free parking for guests
  • Accessibility features for all guests

Getting to Laucala Island, Fiji:

To access the unparalleled beauty of Laucala Island, Fiji, travelers will typically fly into Nadi Airport, which is well-connected with major airlines such as Fiji Airways, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, and Jetstar Korean Air. From Nadi, you have the option of taking a domestic flight or an eight-seat private charter. Both choices provide a picturesque 50-minute journey from Nadi to Laucala, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition to paradise.

Accommodation Costs:

The experience of staying on Laucala Island comes at a premium. A one-bedroom villa costs approximately $4,800 per night, with a minimum stay requirement of three nights (seven during the Christmas season). For those seeking more spacious accommodations, a three-bedroom villa is priced at $8,800 per night, and Peninsula Point accommodations are available at $6,800 per night. It’s important to note that all costs are subject to a 25 percent local government tax.

The Visionaries Behind COMO Laucala Island:

Laucala Island’s history is steeped in mystery, dating back to when Malcolm Forbes purchased it as a private retreat half a century ago. However, it was the vision of the current owner, Dietrich Mateschitz, the co-founder of Red Bull, that led to the development of the ultra-luxe Laucala Island Resort, now operated by Como Hotels. This vision has transformed the island into a luxurious paradise and a sought-after destination for travelers seeking unparalleled natural beauty and exclusivity.

A Haven of Hospitality:

COMO Laucala Island is known for its Fijian hospitality and some of the happiest Fijians you’ll ever meet. Guests and staff alike revel in the joy of the island, making every visit a pleasure. Whether it’s the breathtaking scenery or the warm smiles of the locals, Laucala Island ensures that every experience is memorable. Recently, the New Year’s Eve celebration at the resort was nothing short of a blast, demonstrating that every moment at COMO Laucala Island is unforgettable.

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