Tri Retno Setiyawati, a charming lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Tidar (Untidar) Magelang, has become a social media sensation. The young lecturer went viral after her students secretly recorded her teaching in class and shared it on TikTok. The student who recorded this beautiful lecturer received the consequence of “Meeting Bu Retno in Class.” Bu Retno, the attractive lecturer, also expressed feeling insecure after the video went viral.

Bu Retno, the viral TikTok lecturer, has gained attention on social media, prompting curiosity about her profile and background as an educator at Universitas Tidar Magelang. Recently, TikTok has showcased new personalities that capture public interest, and one such figure is Bu Retno. Who is she?

Bu Retno is a lecturer at Universitas Tidar Magelang whose teaching activities were captured in a viral TikTok video by one of her students, posted under the account @novalmuzaki_. In the recording, Bu Retno is seen sitting at the front of the class.

When she noticed being recorded, Bu Retno smiled directly at the camera. Her charm, as a hijab-wearing lecturer, radiated, captivating not only her students but also TikTok users who watched the video. The video quickly went viral, attracting numerous comments and likes. In the video, a student records Bu Retno and provides a playful narration.

“If the lecturer is like this, I’d skip fishing information right away, my friend,” writes one TikTok user. Others seem to believe that many students enjoy being in Bu Retno’s class. Unlike the usual scenario where female students occupy the front seats, when Bu Retno is teaching, the front rows are filled with male students.

Full name: Tri Retno Setiyawati. Bu Retno graduated in 2017 from UII with the 2014 batch. Afterward, she pursued a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Universitas Gadjah Mada. Age: undisclosed, but considering the 2014 batch, she is likely under 27 years old. IG and TikTok accounts: unknown.

From her LinkedIn profile:, Bu Retno is proficient in Dutch, English, and Korean.

Bu Retno earned her master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada with honors (cum laude), boasting a GPA of 3.78/4.00. After graduation, she worked in quality assurance at Part-O Coffee, a small business involved in processing and selling coffee beans based in Temanggung.

Bu Retno has experience as an administrative staff at PT Matcha Muda Manggala, an FMCG company based in Yogyakarta. She was responsible for recording purchases and sales, worked as an assistant accountant, assisted in stock recording, and interacted with various stakeholders such as suppliers and packaging vendors. Bu Retno also interned at PT Coca Cola Amatil Central Java in the warehouse department, where she conducted field observations and calculated efficiency in product transportation from the production floor to the warehouse.

Bu Retno has been involved in various CSR events with different stakeholders.

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